Teacher and apprentice pairing to help accelerate the training of skilled personnel

The company's mentor-apprentice pairs to train newcomers and technical personnel mode, in last year and the first half of this year through the trial implementation of the Communications Division, has achieved certain results. Last year through the teacher-apprentice pairing training technicians, now basically can play a role, and participated in this year's Xiangcheng District Skills Competition, achieved very good results, there are two participants were recommended to participate in the Suzhou City skills championship; this year through the master with an apprentice in this form also trained a number of assistant technicians, so that new students and employees to gain stability and advancement, technical personnel successors.

Kinchen employees were awarded "Chief Technician of Jiangsu Province"

Recently, good news came from the Provincial People's Social Welfare Department, 2018 Suzhou City 11 highly skilled personnel were assessed “ Jiangsu Province, the enterprise chief technician ” honorary title. Among them, recommended by Xiangcheng District, Suzhou Jincheng Precision Casting Co. of Chen Haiwei occupied a seat, so far, Xiangcheng District has nine high-skilled personnel have been awarded the honor.

National key R&D project kick-off meeting held in Suzhou

October 20, 2019, led by Suzhou Jincheng Precision Casting Company Limited, Northeastern University School of Materials Professor Renguo Guan responsible for the 2018 National Key R & D program manufacturing basic technologies and key components of key special "aluminum alloy thin-walled parts of semi-solid-state rheological casting technology (application demonstration class)" project kick-off meeting in Suzhou held. The meeting invited the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Industry Center leadership, from Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Jilin and other six well-known experts, as well as Northeastern University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Alcoa Research Institute, Suzhou Jincheng Precision and other 12 project units involved in the person in charge and the main researcher, local government leaders, a total of more than 40 people attended the meeting.
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